How To Keep Your Kitten Healthy

Let's discuss about how to keep your kitten healthy. You just brought home an adorable new kitten, but now what? Pets require a lot of care and if you've never had a kitten before there are a lot of things to consider if you plan on raising a healthy cat. This article will offer tips on how to keep a kitten healthy.

Find out what food your kitten was being fed at the pet store or breeders. Continue feeding it that food but gradually introduce better food. Do your research online or contact a veterinarian. Find the most nutritional food and mix it with the old food until you completely switch over. Gradually doing this prevents your kitten from getting sick or having diarrhea which a sudden diet change can sometimes cause. Feed a kitten three times a day. Giving your kitten both dry and wet food is also a good balance. Give it half and half or one meal wet and another one dry.

Make sure your kitten always has access to fresh water. If the water gets dirty, give it clean water. Don't give a kitten cow milk. It will probably drink it, but it will also end up with a stomachache. Kittens drink their mother's milk, not a cow's.

To make litter box training easier on you and yourself you will probably want to keep your kitten and a litter box in the same room. When the kitten has an accident on the floor put it in the litter box so it gets the hint.

Taking your kitten to a veterinarian is also a very important way to make sure it's healthy.  You want to make sure your new kitten doesn't have any health issues. Also, it will need immunizations and should be spayed and neutered.

The last way to keep your kitten not only healthy but also happy is to play with it. Your kitten will have fun, you will have fun, and you will be bonding with your new pet.   

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