How To Leash Train Your Puppy or Dog

Let's discuss about how to leash train your puppy or dog.Leash training is just as important as any other training you have to go through with a dog. If a dog is not leash trained, walks can be very unpleasant. If your dog doesn't walk on a leash, they may runaway and get lost. You can leash train your dog no matter what age they are. This article explains how to leash train your puppy or dog.

Make sure you buy your puppy or dog a comfortable collar and leash that properly fit. You don't want to choke them, but you also don't want the collar to slip off their head. Once you get the fit right, try a little leash walk through the house.

Once your dog is comfortable wearing the leash go for a stroll outside. Take a few steps and see what your dog does. If he runs forward, pulls you, or goes in a different direction than you, pull the leash firmly, but not in a violent or choking manner. Tell your dog no and try taking a few steps again. Tell your dog to join you. If they walk a few steps and stand next to you praise them. If your dog keeps pulling you, show them that you want them to walk next to you. If they run forward, tell them to come back and sit next to your leg. If they do so praise them. Keep trying these things until your dog walks properly. It may take one walk or a few.

Training a puppy is pretty much the same, they may be a little more excited and curious though. Although, you can be a little less patient with a puppy. You do not need to walk and stop and ask your puppy to join you as you would with an older dog. With a puppy just walk, and keep pulling them in the right direction until they understand how walking on a leash is supposed to work. You will have to be gentler when pulling on a puppies leash.

Whether you're training a puppy or an older dog the training is new, so remember to be patient.

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