How To Litter Box Train Small Pets

Let's discuss about how to litter box train small pets. If you have a pet that is litter box trained you have less cleaning to do and your home will be less smelly. Thought litter box training was only for cats? Well, you thought wrong. Rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters can all be litter box trained. This article will explain how you can litter box train your small pet.

Before you even attempt to litter box train your pet you need to be aware that it takes some time and also that not all small pets will become trained. Some guinea pigs and hamsters will refuse to use a litter box and will just do their business wherever they want, whenever they want. Don't be frustrated, this just means you will have to clean their bedding frequently.

Luckily, most hamsters and guinea pigs don't like to relieve themselves near their food or where they sleep. They tend to pick a certain corner of their cage or a spot where they always go to the bathroom. After you go to the pet store and buy a litter box for your pet you will need to figure out where your pet's bathroom corner is. The litter box should be placed in the spot that your pet will go to when it's time to do its business.

Use tweezers, gloves, or something to put dirty bedding and feces pellets in the litter box. If your guinea pig or hamster isn't going in the litter box then keep putting fresh waste into the litter box each day. After a week or so the anima should understand what the litter box is and begin to use it. Once your pet is using the litter box you no longer have to put waste into it. Instead, you will now need to put fresh litter in it once or twice a week.

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