How To Move Away with Your Cat

How to move away with your cat. Moving to a new city or a new state and having to pack and unpack can be stressful. It's also exciting, but for your cat it may be traumatic. There really isn't any way to explain to your cat what is going on, but there are some things you can do to help your pet. After reading this article you will have a better understanding of how to smoothly move with your cat.

First, you will need to keep your cat happy and stress free during the packing process. The best way to pack is to do it room by room. If all of your cat's stuff is together in one room you may want to pack that room as close to your moving date as possible. Also, you can move all of your cat's things to a room that is already unpacked so it can be out of your way and have a place to be quietly. Cats like to be independent sometimes and your cat may like having its own big empty room to play in or if there are boxes in the room your cat will probably love to hide in and sleep on them.

While you're moving you will obviously want to keep your cat in a carrier. If your cat isn't used to a carrier you should start getting your cat more familiar and comfortable with one, so it's not scared and stressed when it has to go in the carrier for the move.

In your new home, unpack the same way you packed. Put all of your cat's stuff in an empty room or the first room you unpack. If you have the door open and are bringing boxes and furniture in, you may want to keep your cat in its carrier. You don't want the cat to get scared and run outside. Your cat won't be familiar with the new area and can easily get lost or possibly injured.

During the move, give your cat plenty of attention so it stays calm and happy.

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