How To Play with a Pet Snake

Let's discuss how to play with a pet snake.

When you think of playing with a pet, the first thing you think of probably isn't playing with a snake. However, you can play with your pet snake, just not the same way you'd play with a dog.

First, make sure your snake isn't in one of its shedding cycles when they are more stressed. If your snake is shedding, just leave it alone, it probably doesn't want any attention. Always move slow when playing with a snake so that you don't scare them.

Playing with your snake will also depend on their age and temperament. Young snakes that aren't yet used to be handled a lot may be more irritable. However, you do still need to play with them if you want them to become fine with you handling them. The process of becoming with each other will probably take some time and that is fine. Take it slow because you don't want your snake to dislike being handled by you.

Let small snakes coil around you. They will like wrapping around your arm or neck and feeling your warmth. If you have a large snake you may not want to do this and if you have a constrictor avoid letting them wrap around you for safety reasons. If it's warm outside, take your snake out to play. Let it explore a little if it wants, it will enjoy the new surroundings and all the new textures.

Always try to play with your snake in between meals. You don't want your snake to be annoyed because it's hungry and you also don't want it to be upset because it is still trying to digest it's last meal.

Playing with your snake will only take up a few minutes of your time. The more your handle your snake and get them use to being handled, the longer you may be able to play with them for.

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