How To Play with Iguana

Let's discuss about how to play with iguana. If you love your pet iguana and are looking for more ways to play with it you are in luck. Here are some ideas for how to create more fun time with your unique pet.

First, you need to spend time with your iguana building up a relationship. If you barely spend time with your iguana, it probably won't want to play with you. Just start by petting or feeding it out of your hand. It may take a little time to build a relationship with your pet, but that is normal.

Once you and your iguana are ready for more active types of play you can hang ropes securely somewhere in your home or in your iguana's cage. Swing them back and forth to try to get your iguana interested in playing with them. Let it climb them. Some iguanas will even enjoy climbing up and swinging on curtains. Always make sure anything your iguana may climb up is sturdy and won't fall down.

Also, let your pet climb on you, up your arms and legs. You can even create targets for your iguana to jump to. Set down pillows or blankets and encourage the iguana to jump from one to the next. It might be more interested in jumping on things if they are green, because in the wild it would jump on plants and various green things.

An activity that your iguana might really love is jumping in water. Fill up your bath tub or something large and deep enough for your iguana to jump into without getting hurt.

If it's nice outside, hold your iguana and take it outside for a walk. It can soak up the sun and enjoy the new surroundings. You can even pick plants and flowers for your pet to eat. Just always make sure they are safe and will not make your iguana sick.

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