How To Properly Trim Cat Claws

Let's discuss how to properly trim cat claws. Cats need their claws trimmed and you can take them to a groomer to have it done or you can do it yourself. Trimming your cat's claws will save you money. This article will explain how to trim your cat's claws.

If you don't want claw trimming to be an ordeal then the best thing you can do is do it from the time your cat is young. If you adopted your cat as an adult then it may take a lot of time and patience before it doesn't fight you on getting its claws trimmed. Cat clippers are available at pet stores. Human nail clippers can be used but you're better off using ones specifically made for cats.

To get started find a spot in your house that is well-lit and will be comfortable for both you and your cat. Make sure you have everything ready before you even get your cat. One of your supplies should be a treats for when your cat.

Hold your cat securely, get help from a family member if you need to. Hold your cat's front paw and squeeze lightly to make its claw extend. Clip the claw quickly and carefully in one motion. Be sure that you are not cutting it too short. You can usually see pink tissue on the cat's nail. If you cut past that it's too short and your cat will bleed and be in pain.

If your cat is pretty scared you may have to give it a treat after each nail that you clip so it will continue to hold still and let you finish all the claws. If you don't get all the claws done, but your cat appears to have had enough then just let it go. You can try again later. 

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