How To Puppy Proof a House

Let's talk about how to puppy proof a house. You've decided on a puppy to bring home as the new addition to your family. It's a very exciting time, but in all the excitement make sure you have everything you need and that your house is ready. So if you want to know how to puppy proof a house, then read on. This article will help explain how to get your house prepared for a new puppy.

Puppies like to chew, they are like a teething baby, therefore, before they walk through your doors, male sure there is nothing within their reach that can't be chewed. Every day you will have to remember to not leave out any food, candy, shoes, books, children's toys, toilet paper, trash, etc. Puppies don't really know right from wrong yet. Immediately start teaching them that it is only okay to chew on the toys they are given. If they chew on something besides one of their toys, tell them "no!"

You will also have to teach your puppy not to chew on electrical cords. They will not only ruin the cords to your appliances, they can get electrocuted and burn their mouth. Hide cords or keep them out of your puppies reach.

The best thing to do it close doors to your bedrooms and anywhere you don't want to the puppy to go. Puppies don't need to roam around the entire house, they will only get into trouble. You can even confine your puppy to your kitchen or bathroom until they are house broken. Cleaning up accidents on tile is easier than cleaning it up on your carpet. Baby gates can come in handy for keeping puppies in only certain rooms.

If a puppy is the first pet in your household you will now need to be careful with cigarette butts if you smoke as well as things such as lit candles, chicken bones in your garbage, and antifreeze. Antifreeze is deadly to animals, keep your puppy away from your vehicle and driveway.

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