How To Put Your Pet on a Diet

Let's talk about how to put your pet on a diet.

It is believed that approximately more than half of American cats and dogs are overweight or obese. That is quite a startling number. Obesity in humans is also a problem, but many people don't even seem to be aware that their pets are overweight. Like in humans, obese pets are at higher risk of developing many health problems. This article will discuss what you can do if your pet needs to lose weight.

Many people need to lose weight, but want to do it because of their appearance. When it comes to pets being overweight their looks are the concern. It is unhealthy for pets to be obese. It can cause problems with their heart and it can even cause problems with their joints that are stressed from carrying excess weight.

Helping your pet lose weight should definitely involved your veterinarian. They can weigh your pet, make sure your pet has no health problems, they can also give you advice on how to help your pet lose weight. Weight loss in cats is more complicated than weight loss in dogs, so if you're a cat owner you should definitely consult your veterinarian.

How can you put your pet on a diet? First, look at your pet's food. The first ingredient listed should be meat. A good amount of the ingredients should be meat or vegetables. If your pet's food has a lot of grain, bi-products, and fillers than you need new food. Organic pet food are usually the best quality and most nutritional. Next, you should also reduce the amount of food you give your pet. Reduce their portion by about one-third. You also need to make sure your pet is getting plenty of exercise. For dogs this means walks, fetch, etc. For cats, play with them and keep them active, don't just let your cat lay in one spot all day. You will also need to stop giving your pet human food. Even if they beg, don't give them cookies, ice cream, or anything from your dinner plate. You should also cut back on pet snacks.

Try the new diet for a few weeks and then weigh your pet to see if it has worked. If your pet lost any weight then continue the diet. If your pet's weight is the same then reduce their portions by another one-third or see what your vet recommends.

Pet owners have to be strong and stick with their pet's diet if they want their pet to live a long, healthy, and happy life. If you want to continue feeding your overweight pet treats and unnecessary amounts of food then you don't care about their health and they won't live as long. Your dog or cat will eat what you give them, they don't know they are overweight or how to diet.

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