How To Take Care of Abandoned Kittens

Let's talk about how to take care of abandoned kittens. Unfortunately, kittens are sometimes abandoned by their mothers. There are various things that can cause a mother to do this. If your cat abandons her kittens you will need to step up and take care of them. This article will explain how you can feed and take care of them.

You should already have the kittens in a warm and dry box. If the kittens were unexpected or they are the offspring of a stray cat, you will need to bring them into your home. Give them a box with some type of bedding like a towel or blanket. This bedding will have to be changed as the kittens soil it.

Feeding orphaned kittens especially if they are really young can be difficult. If the kittens' eyes are still closed than they are probably less than 2 weeks old. You will need to feed them a milk replacer. They won't eat much at first and they usually can't suck out of the nipples on bottles so it's best to use a eye dropper or small syringe. Feed each kitten every couple hours. If you can't get them to drink the milk replacer try to drop some in their mouth. Warm milk up under a hot faucet not in the microwave. If you find the kittens and need emergency milk. Mix an egg yolk with evaporated milk. This should only be used for a few feedings until you get milk replacer.

If you are concerned about the kittens eating habits or anything related to their health you can contact a veterinarian. They can offer you tips and advice on how to take care of the kittens. They will probably also recommend that you bring them in for a checkup. You want to make sure that the kittens are dehydrated or suffering from any health problems. When it comes time to find homes for the kittens your veterinarian may also be able to help you by hanging up flyers in their waiting room and telling people about the kittens.

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