How To Tell If Your Gerbil Has a Broken Bone

Let's discuss about how to tell if your gerbil has a broken bone.Many gerbils are prone to climbing up their cage and running in wheels and these things can actually lead to broken bones. Pets can't tell you that they broke a bone, you as the pet owner have to notice the symptoms. This article will discuss how gerbils can break bones, how to tell if your gerbil has a broken bone, and how to treat it.

It isn't rare for gerbils to break bones, so don't be surprised if your pet gerbil does. If a gerbil falls from a high place in its cage or falls and gets it's leg stuck, it can lead to a broken bone.

Something else that can cause your gerbil to break bones is if they have a nutritional disorder. If your gerbil doesn't get enough calcium in its diet, it's bones can become weak and brittle. This type of imbalance can lead to a gerbil easily breaking bones doing things that wouldn't injury a completely healthy gerbil.

So, how will you be able to tell if your gerbil has a fractured or broken bone? First of all, the gerbil will probably show signs of being in pain and not want to move. Along with not moving, you may notice a swollen area or an open wound. Sometimes when a gerbil has a broken bone you can actually hear a crackling noise when the gerbil moves.

Carefully transport your injured gerbil to a veterinarian if you notice something is wrong with them. A veterinarian will exam your pet and may do x-rays to see the exact spot and severity of the injury. The broken bone and limb will be put in a small restraining bandage. Medication and sometimes even painkillers will be given to a gerbil as well. If your gerbil has a nutritional disorder you will have to give it vitamin and mineral supplements to prevent more injuries in the future.

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