How To Treat Anchor Worms In Fish

Let's discuss how to treat anchor worms in fish.

Anchor worms are a parasite that infect goldfish and koi. They appear as a small string coming from a goldfish's body. They can be seen coming out of sores on a fish. They attach onto the sides, heads and even mouths of fish and embed into the fish eating their tissue and body fluids.

These parasites start out small, grow larger and multiple. They are contagious and can cause fish serious pain. These worms are typically green, brown, and white or clear in color. Once anchor worms grow, a fish owner should easily spot them. If you notice any strings and sores on your fish it is likely that they have anchor worms.

To prevent fish from getting anchor worms or any other parasites or diseases it is important to keep their aquarium clean and never add plants from rivers or ponds. Also, try to avoid live food if possible, because anchor worms are often contracted when fish eat infected live food. If you have fish in a pond, also try to keep the water as clean and you can and test the water for any abnormalities. Anchor worms often infect pond fish.

Fish owners should also pay attention to their fish so they can observe any differences in their actions or appearances. Irregularities often mean some type of illness. If you notice anchor worms, there are treatments available.

For ponds there are anti-parasitic powders and other treatments that can be added to the water. If the problem is bad and your treatments aren't working you may have to contact a pond specialist for advice or treatment.

Treatments for aquarium fish are pretty much the same, however amounts will differ. Make sure you read all instructions and give only the proper amount of medication. Certain treatments can kill the fish, if too much is used. Some common anchor worm water treatments include Anchor's Away, Dimilin, and Proform LA.

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