Hurricane Safety for Pets

Unfortunately, hurricanes happen each year. If you live in a region that is affected by hurricanes you need to be ready for one. This article will discuss what you can do for both yourself and your pet to help make sure you're both safe throughout hurricane season.

1. Make a plan and stick to it. Plans are pointless if you don't follow them. Make a plan when you are calm. If you wait until a hurricane is coming you might panic and make unsafe decisions. Having at least some type of plan can be very beneficial to you and your pet.

2. Have an emergency kit ready. An emergency kit should contain things such as a first aid kit, blanket, flash light, water for three days, and non-perishable food for you as well as food for your pet. It should also have a leash or pet carrier and a photo of your pet in case they get lost. If you live somewhere that experiences hurricane warning fairly frequently you should look into getting your pet micorchipped.

3. Stay together. If there is a hurricane warning, stay with your pet. Don't let it go outside by itself without being on a leash. Losing a pet is never fun, but it will be especially troubling if you lose your pet when there's a hurricane warning and you want to evacuate or be somewhere safe.

4. Remain calm. This is obviously easier said than done, but pets can sense what you are feeling. Speak to your pet calmly if you want it to remove calm during this scary type of event.

This types can be very helpful during hurricane season, but also for many other emergencies. It never hurts to have a plan for hurricanes, fires, blackouts, etc. Plus, being prepared for emergencies such as having a kit ready could save you or your pet's life someday.

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