Importance of Nail and Ear Care in Ferrets

Let's discuss the importance of nail and ear care in ferrets. Some ferret owners forgot about the importance of caring for your ferret's ears and nails, but how long would you go without caring for these parts of your body? This article will explain why and how you should clean and care for your ferret's ear and nails.

When is the problem with your ferret having long nails? First, of all if you like to play with your ferret and allow your pet to climb on you then you probably want to avoid getting scratched or possibly cut by long nails. Long nails can also start to curl causing difficulty walking and long nails can get caught on things such as carpet and even get ripped out. If your ferret's nail gets pulled out there will be a lot of blood and pain. Your ferret will need stitches and antibiotics to avoid getting an infection. This awful situation can easily be avoided by using either human or cat nail clippers to trim your ferret's nails when it is tired or sleeping. Just be careful to not cut too short or you will cause the blood and pain.

Cleaning your ferret's ears prevents ear infections, ear mites, and keeps your ferret comfortable, after all who enjoys itchy ears. This can be done after your ferret's bath or at any time. Just use Q-tips to clean out any wax or dirt. Just don't put the Q-tip into the ferret's ear canal. You can use water or ear cleanser on the Q-tip if needed. Also, use a dry Q-tip to make sure you ferret's ears are dry. When cleaning your pet's ears if you notice any discharge or a excessive amount of wax build-up you should consult your veterinarian so you can get treatment if it's an ear infection.

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