Interesting and Unique Pets

Let's discuss about interesting and unique pets. All pets have their own personalities, but there are some species of pets that are commonly seen in many households like dogs, cats, and fish are. After reading this article you will be aware of some unique pets that you never even knew people had in their homes.

You've heard of kids have pet hermit crabs, but did you know that you can have freshwater crabs as pets, such as Fiddler crabs and Red Claw crabs. These crabs require a decent amount of space that contains both water and land. They also require a heater, filter, etc. These crabs aren't as easy to care for as a hermit crab, however they are unique.

In your backyard you probably see plenty of squirrels. Did you ever think about having one as a pet? Squirrels are a very unique pet, you don't just go buy them at a pet store. However, people do have them as pets if they have health problems and are being rehabilitated or some squirrels are unable to be released back into the wild and remain as pets. In the U.S. you will require a permit to have one as a pet. In some countries squirrels are legal pets.

You've seen people on TV that have Chimpanzees and monkeys as pets, but did you even consider getting one yourself? Chimps may seem funny and cute, which they can be, however they are not recommended to be domestic pets. Chimps are wild and sometimes attack their owners. They can also live to be 50 years old. Monkeys such as a Spider Monkey are a better option for a pet. They are small and can't overpower their owner.

If you like fish, but want something very unique you can get a Piranha. Yes, a Piranha that is dangerous and loves to eat meat. Piranhas aren't cute fish, after all there are horror movies made about them. However, if you want a unique and potentially dangerous pet the piranha is it, Just don't stick your fingers in the tank. This fish requires a large aquarium so you need to have plenty of space in your home if you want one. Piranhas are illegal to have as pets in some states so check laws in the state where you live.

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