Is Chocolate Really Bad For Dogs?

Is chocolate really bad for dogs? Let's discuss about it right here.

You've heard people say that you shouldn't let dogs have any chocolate, but is it just a myth? It's not. There are various factors that determine if a dog can severe reactions to chocolate, but chocolate does in fact contain things that dogs should not consume.

The caffeine and theobromine in chocolate is toxic to dogs. If enough chocolate is ingested a dog can end up with serious medical problems and in some cases a dog eating chocolate is actually fatal.

The most important thing for all dog owners to do is make sure their dog cannot access any chocolate. Don't think the kitchen counter is out of reach. Sometimes it's amazing what dogs manage to do. Keep chocolate in a cabinet that they can't open, keep it up high where they can't reach, do whatever you have to do to keep it away from your beloved canine.

While all chocolate can be harmful, be especially careful with baking chocolate. If you have a small dog that weighs about 10 lbs. one ounce of baking chocolate is as toxic as half a pound of milk chocolate. Different types of chocolates have different amounts of caffeine and theobromine. All chocolate can be deadly if enough is eaten by a dog and never underestimate what and how much your dog will eat.

If your dog consumes chocolate and appears to be sick, they are experiencing chocolate toxicity. Take them to a veterinarian or pet hospital immediately. If you can make your dog vomit, do so. Once at the veterinarian your dog will be put on fluids and closely monitored. If your dog has notice symptoms, they will have to remain at the veterinarian until the chocolate is out of their system. A veterinarian can't treat for chocolate toxicity, however they can treat anything that the chocolate toxicity causes.

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