Is It Okay for Dogs to Eat Grass?

Is it okay for dogs to eat grass?

For dog owners everywhere, dogs eating grass always brings up the age old questions of why do dogs eat grass and is it okay? It is now time for you to know the answers. After ready this article, the next time your spouse, kid, or friend asks why your dog is eating grass, you will know how to respond.

So, why do dogs eat grass? Your question will finally be answered! There are pretty much two reasons why dogs eat grass. The first many people know, but aren't sure if it's true. If a dog has an upset stomach or feels gassy they may look for some type of natural remedy and end up eating grass. In this type of case they usually eat the grass too quickly or without really chewing it well. This results in the blades of grass tickling their throat and stomach and most of the time the dog will throw up.

Another reason for dogs eating grass is that they are craving a type of vegetable or plant and grass is the most accessible plant to find in almost all yards. Dogs are omnivores and if there isn't any vegetable ingredients in their food they may look for plants outside to fulfill their diet for plant nutrients in their diet.

It is also possible that a dog could have pica or be malnourished and therefore eat grass.

Now that you know why your dog is eating gross you want to know if it's safe for them. Many people assume dogs shouldn't eat grass since it makes them throw up. However, grass is natural and in most cases it shouldn't do anything to a dog. Grass contains nutrients that can be good for your dog and if your dog is craving it then let it eat grass. If your dog has an upset stomach, eats grass, and throws up it may no longer have an upset stomach.

So, next time your dog is eating grass, don't scold it.

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