Is Your Child Safe with a Pet in Its Bed?

Is your child safe with a pet in its bed? Many dogs and cats love to be close to their family and cuddle, but is it safe for pet to sleep in bed with your child? Is it safe for your pet to sleep in your bed? Continue reading to find out more.

It is very common for pet owners to allow their pets to share beds with them and their family. If you ask your veterinarian, they may recommend that you don't allow your pet in your bed. it is usually a behavioral issue believe it or not. Most people don't get sick from their pets.

There are some viruses that can spread from a pet to a human, but if you spend a lot of time with your pet and touch or kiss them the viruses can be spread then. If your pet sleeps on top of the covers down near your feet you are probably less likely to get something than by kissing your dog.  Some skin infections and the H1N1 influenza can be spread from pet to person. If your pet is healthy, there really isn't evidence that diseases can be spread from sharing a bed with a pet.

Some people worry that people will suffocate children. This isn't likely. Pets should not sleep with newborn or infants for safety reasons, young children are fragile. You don't want a pet to get your baby dirty or scratch them, etc. If your child can walk and talk and sleep in a bed, it's not likely that your pet will harm them unless it's a very large dog.

People that may have compromised immune systems from surgery, chemotherapy, or illness, probably shouldn't share a bed with a pet. Anyone with a compromised immune system need to be careful around pets and other humans that can transmit illnesses.

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