Jeweled Dog Collar

A jeweled dog collar can that special item that makes you dog stand out. The "toy" breeds will mostly benefit from this type of restraint. The female breeds will be the big winners when one of these collars are used.

Much can be said about the magnificent jeweled dog collar: It can give your dog a very respectable upscale image.

It can be used for male dogs as well as for female breeds and the following article details more precisely how to effect looks for both.

A dog collar made of fashionable white rhinestones may be just what your dog needs to look vintage-classic!

Many owners see subtle nuances in their adorable pooch's personality that they lovingly and knowingly determine can only be brought out by the right fashionable collar.

Think of yourself: how do you express your own stylish uniqueness? One way certainly is in what you wear in clothing or jewelry.

The way to effect the same style-statement with your dog is by way of a jeweled collar specially in line with Fido's unique characteristics.

If your dog is a strong, large sturdy breed, you may effect a 30s era upscale look by outfitting your baby with a distinctive black rhinestone collar.

Many larger male breeds with durable constitutions will look favorably handsome in jeweled dog collars. It is also a good look if you wish to take a one of a kind vintage-era photograph with your sturdy breed.

When you are considering rhinestone collars on more of a girlish level where your dog is smaller in size and obviously feminine then think pink collar with white rhinestones.

The pink collar idea with jewels for Fifi will look particularly adorable on a black, curly poodle.

Here is another vintage look that just does not go out of style.

Plus the smart Poodle (considered the smartest of all the canines) will not only be smart will look stylishly--smart!

One thing you will need to consider when purchasing a nice jeweled collar is that the rhinestones may come off the collar over time.

In this regard, you might consider it special occasion wear for your canine best-friend. After all you wear evening wear and you wouldn't wear your jewels to the grocery store.

In order to keep your dog appropriately attired it may be best to save your dog's jeweled collar for special photos, holidays and events.

Other more practical collars which are far less costly could be attained for everyday wear. Regardless, most every dog needs a jeweled collar in his or her collar wardrobe.


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