How to keep the dog from jumping the fence...

How many times has your neighbor called you to say your dog has jumped the fence again? While this behavior may be a common trait, depending upon the breed of the dog, it is unwarranted and must be corrected. Here are a few tips on how to keep dog from jumping fence.

To Keep the Dog from Fence Jumping, You Need to Know What's Causing the Bad Behavior

Is he left along in your backyard for long periods of time? Is he bored? Is there a dog next door that he wants to play with? Are children harassing your dog or using methods to make him jump the fence?

Keep the Dog from Jumping the Fence: Multiple Options

To keep dog from jumping fence, there are many options open to you. Provide enough activities to keep your dog within the boundaries of your backyard. Supply toys and other items to keep him occupied. Spend a day with him in the backyard.

If he jumps the fence, retrieve him and begin altering this behavior by telling him “no,” using a firm but loving voice. Do not scream and yell at your dog as it accomplishes nothing. Sit him down and walk away. This will show he has fallen out of favor for your attention. Repeat the process until he finally realizes you will consistently ignore him if he continues.

Keep Dog From Jumping the Fence

Why is the Dog Jumping the Fence?

Sometimes, dogs are just lonely. If you cannot be there for him on a constant basis, perhaps it would help if you arranged to have another dog in your home. This would certainly alleviate the problem. However, if it is not possible then ensure that when he is alone, he has plenty to do when in the backyard.

Another important factor is exercise. To keep dog from jumping fence, perhaps your dog is not getting enough exercise in his daily routine. Before going to work, walk the dog for at least 20-45 minutes. Repeat this activity when you return home.

Dogs not only need the ability to get out of their environment, but enjoy the freedom it brings as well. Once your dog has had sufficient exercise, you may find he has no desire to wander from the backyard anymore.

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