Keeping Pets Safe During the Winter

Let's talk about keeping pets safe during the winter. We all know how cold winter can be in many places and winter can be a dangerous time of year for pets. If you live somewhere with freezing temperatures, snow, and ice there are certain safety precautions you should take to protect your pets.

If you have cats or dogs, it is important to know that animals like the taste of antifreeze. However, it is deadly to them. Sometimes you can't help that your car leaks small amount of antifreeze. Even the smallest leak could be deadly. Keep your pets away from your driveway and your neighbor's driveway because one lick of the chemical can be fatal for your beloved pet. If your pet when out in your driveway and them begins acting very strange or appears sick at all, take them to a veterinarian for immediate treatment. Immediate medical attention and treatment can save your pet's life.

Another vehicle danger that occurs during the winter is pets under the hood of cars. This is very common with cats. After you drive your car the engine is warm. Cats climb under the hood and sleep where it is nice and warm. The next time you go to start your car it can be fatal for the cat.

During the winter you probably use salt on your sidewalks and driveway. This keeps you safe from falling on ice, but it can be harsh on pets' paws. If you pet doesn't mind wearing booties, you should put booties on them. It may seem funny to put booties on your pet, but it protects their paws from salt and keeps their toes warm. Many pets don't like to wear things on their feet, in that case, just be careful with them walking on salted areas, avoid them if possible.

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