Keeping the Dog Park Enjoyable

Let's discuss about keeping the dog park enjoyable. Dog parks are great places to take your dog to walk, run, play, and socialize. In order to keep the dog park an enjoyable place for all dogs and dog owners there are some rules that should always be taken into consideration. Continue reading for all these important rules.

Don't litter and always pick up your dog's feces. If everybody picks up after their dogs the park will be cleaner, stink free, and healthier. Dog owners should always have baggies on them and clean up after their dog wherever they go, it's the courteous thing to do.

You may think the dog park is the place to get your dog socialized, however make sure your dog is trained and knows how to properly act when socializing with other dogs before you take them to the dog park. If your dog isn't used to other dogs, it may not react well. You want your dog to listen to you and not act aggressively toward other people or dogs. If you know that your dog will act protective and aggressive then the dog park might not be the best place to go, at least not until your dog goes through more training.

Pay attention to your dog while at the park. Dog's can be like kids, if you take your eye off them for a minute they get into trouble. You don't want your dog getting into a fight or eating feces from another dog who's owner doesn't know dog park etiquette. Toys can often start fights between dogs at the park. Therefore, also be careful not to bring bones or toys that other dogs are going to want. You may want to toss a ball around which is fine, but try not to let it get away from you or another dog may take it and put up a fight over it.

Similar to staying home from work when sick or keeping a child home from school, the same goes for dogs. Animals can spread illnesses so if your dog appears to be ill you may just want to keep them at home. Allow your sick dog to rest or take it to the veterinarian if you have to. Avoid the dog park until your dog seems healthy again. Dogs often pick up illness when at the kennel while their owners are away or at animal shelters if they are dogs that need to be adopted.

If you choose to not have your dog spayed or neutered, that is fine. However, in this case you should not take your female dog to the dog park when she's in heat. This will only create problems and possibly puppies if you don't pay enough attention.

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