Keeping Your Canine Safe During Spring and Summer

Let's discuss about keeping your canine safe during spring and summer. Whether you are at home, on vacation, or sailing on a boat if your dog is with you they need to be kept safe. After reading this article you will know what precautions to take in order to keep your canine safe during warm weather fun.

In the spring and summer, you will need to look out for fleas and ticks. Check your dog for these pests frequently. Ticks can carry diseases and you don't want a flea infestation in your home. Ticks can be carefully removed using tweezers and there are various treatments for killing fleas.

During the warmer seasons your dog is likely to be outside more. Therefore, make sure your pooch wears its collar and ID tags. If it runs off you want to make sure your beloved pet can be identified and returned to you. You may even want to look into getting a microchip for your dog, ask your veterinarian about it.

When the temperatures rise and its humid make sure you keep your dog hydrated. If you need water, so does your dog. If your dog appears to be excessively panting get them in shade or inside your cool house. Dogs can die from heatstroke.

If your dog is a breed that has short hair or if your pooch suffers from hair loss then purchase pet-safe sunscreen. Their skin can burn too. If your dog doesn't like getting sunscreen put on it then buy it a shirt to protect its skin from the harsh sun.

Don't ever leave your dog in your car during the warm seasons. Vehicles get ridiculously hot. It's not safe or comfortable for your dog even with the windows cracked. Leave your pooch at home if you don't want him to roast in the car and have a heatstroke.

Keeping your dog safe will help keep the family fun going this spring and summer.

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