Keeping Your Fish Safe From Gas Bubble Disease

Let's talk about keeping your fish safe from gas bubble disease.

Water is a fish's best friend, but can water be dangerous for fish under some circumstances? This is somewhat true. Obviously, fish need water to live, but they also need the proper water conditions.

Improper water conditions can cause illnesses in a fish resulting in death. Most fish owners notice when something is wrong with their fish and if caught, many fish illnesses can be easily treated. Gas Bubble Disease is a case of improper water conditions that can harm a fish. Not all fish owners even know about this condition.

Many fish illnesses are caused by lack of aquarium maintenance, while Gas Bubble Disease may occur after you change your fish's water. Water become dangerous if it is over-saturated. This is when there is too much nitrogen, or gas in the water. Tiny small bubbles form inside a fish.

How does water become over-saturated? It is common for this to occur when aquarium water is being replaced with clean warm water. When water is heated it can become over saturated with gases. Fish are cold-blooded and especially sensitive to their environment. The gases create gas bubbles in the fish's blood vessels, skin, fins, and eyes.

Gas bubble disease is usually visible in fish. It shows up as bumps or bubbles that can be seen under the fish's scales. Gas bubbles actually damage fish's tissue and can be fatal.

Preventing this from happening to your fish is quite easy. Simply aerate the clean water. This helps clear some of the excess gases. You can try stirring it up to get rid of a little bit, but a filter will work best. Just make sure a filter is sucking up water, not any air. Fish can recover from this condition if caught soon enough and treated.

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