Keeping Your Pooch Safe This Summer

Let's discuss about keeping your pooch safe this summer. Summertime should be about fun, but that doesn't mean that we should forget about safety. You remember to protect yourself and your children from summertime dangers, but what about your dog. This article offers tips on how you can keep your canine safe and happy this summer.

Part of summer fun often includes swimming. If your dog likes to swim in your pool make sure you are always there in case they would need help. If you're at a lake, ocean or out on a boat and your dog wants to go in the water you should put a doggie life vest on them. Ocean currents can be strong and you want your dog to be safe. Even if your pooch is a good swimmer it doesn't hurt to give them some extra protection from drowning.

You might enjoy laying out in the sun and getting a tan, but sunburn is no fun. Dogs can get sunburn too, especially if they are a short-haired variety. Luckily, there is pet-safe sunscreen that you can purchase. Put it anywhere that your dogs skin seems exposed. Put it on their nose, ears, and all over if you have to. You can also put a shirt on your dog to protect their back and sides from getting too much sun.

Dogs can experience heatstroke which can be fatal. Therefore, make sure your dog is drinking lots of water during the summer and keep them in the shade as much as possible when outdoors in hot and humid weather.

Some dogs enjoy car rides, but during the summer you should never leave your dog in your car while you run into a store. Think of how hot your car is when you get into it during the summer. Temperatures in a car can quickly rise and prove fatal for your dog.

Keep your dog safe and this summer will be nothing but fun!

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