Kennel Cough Cure

Is there a kennel cough cure that is fast and quick for your dog? Get the right info fast and be on top of looking for the first symptoms. Read here for more.

Due to the nature of kennel cough there really is no kennel cough cure.

Kennel cough is a disease that is contracted through contact of pathogens in the mucus or saliva of infected pets.

These pathogens can be spread by droplets in coughing, sneezing or discharge from the nose and eyes of infected pets. It is very similar to human influenza and the precautions are the same.

You need to make sure your pet is in a clean area; their eyes and nose are wiped clean so that they do not continue to ingest the infected material and continue the infection.

Many people in the holistic medical field say that any of the homeopathic remedies are actually a kennel cough cure.

This could not be farther from the truth. Any remedy, homeopathic, natural or even traditional medical is only designed to alleviate the symptoms until the disease runs its course.

The other objective is to keep the condition from getting worse and turning into something like pneumonia where the condition becomes life threatening.

As with any other respiratory problem puppies and older dogs are more susceptible to contracting kennel cough and they also have weaker immune systems so they need to be monitored more closely to make sure they do not get worse.

It is the consensus of experts and vets that kennel cough in general is not a serious disease but due to the loud and harsh nature of the cough it can be annoying and difficult on your normal sleep patterns.

You really do not need to even take your dog to the vet if he is otherwise acting normally, eating well and sleeping well.

What you do need to do is to address the symptoms so that your pet’s throat does not get so sore that they do not want to eat.

Instead of a kennel cough cure you should try a great home remedy for kennel cough like raw honey.

Do not buy processed honey as the sterilization process kills all of the natural germ fighting properties of the honey.

You can either drip the honey onto your dog's tongue and let it coat his throat or you can mix it with water and see of you can get your dog to drink it.

Repeat this treatment every few hours to alleviate your dog’s sore throat.

Another great way to help your dog’s breathing is to run a shower at its hottest setting and let the bathroom steam up for about twenty minutes while your dog is in the bathroom with you.


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