Leash Training in 6 Easy Steps

Leash Training in 6 Easy Steps:

Leash training is something all dog owners have to go through. You need to show your dog that you are in control and don't want to be pulled around. Leash training is important since dogs needs multiple walks a day. Walking your dog without a leash can lead to them running off and getting hurt or lost. Following the 6 steps in this article can lead to a fairly easy and stress-free leash training process for both you and your dog.

Step 1. Buy a collar that is comfortable and fits your dog properly. Not too tight and not too loose or they will slip out of it. Buy a simple leash that isn't too long, but gives your dog a little slack.

Step 2. Let your puppy or dog get used to wearing the collar. Put it on a couple times a day before you start your official leash training.

Step 3. Put the leash on your dog and take a little stroll through your house and you even let them walk around dragging the leash while you supervise.

Step 4. Take your dog for a walk outside. Try to keep them walking next to you or just slightly ahead. If they pull, stop and wait for them to create slack in the leash. If they just sit and won't walk entice them to walk next to you by using a treat. Keep your training walks short, especially for puppies. Never yell at your dog and don't pull hard on their leash choking them.

Step 5. Be persistent and your dog will start walking on a leash like you want them to. Leash training my take a couple days. When your dog walks correctly give them praise.

Step 6. Enjoy your pleasant walks together without any tug-o-wars.

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