Leather Spiked Dog Collar

A leather spiked dog collar will give your dog that upper edge when walking in the park on down the street. Spikes set in leather will offset your dogs attitude to make him or her stand out in a crowd.

Leather Spiked Dog Collars Bring Coolness to a New Level for your Fierce Looking Mutt!

Nothing could be cooler or more sensational looking than applying Leather spiked dog collars to the necks of all the strong-arm looking mutts in your household.

It goes without saying, these fabulous styled collars give new meaning to the word: intimidating!

Leather spiked dog collars are all the rage amongst pet owners who own not the average run of the mill dog. That is to say the word regular doesn't even begin to accurately describe your dog.

In fact, even “mean” may be a little too wimpy of description; especially when you drape one of these incredibly intimidating collars around Fido's neck.

The leather collar is incredibly thick and looks great around the neck of a very huge dog. The leather collar is adorned with nickel-plated spikes all around and spaced in proportion to one another.

The nickel composition of the spikes suggests that the ornaments will never rust. In this way, your dog can always look his most fiercest best.

The collar is perfect for dogs like pit bulls who look like they mean business in the first place and who have very large necks. Further, when you hear the price of this terrific mean looking collar your jaw is going to just drop in disbelief.

It has an outstanding price point of just under thirty dollars. The ornaments in the way of perfectly spaced spikes as we just discussed will never rust and the leather is top-grade.

Considering the materials used in the manufacture of this outstanding collar, the price is incredibly reasonable.

The dimensionally proportioned collar, once again, is not only enormously thick with rich leather' its spikes are tastefully incorporated into the collar: this keeps your dog in perfect sync with the grand embellishments.

Give your dog the best in a mean-looking collars and one you and him will be proud he is wearing and will be for years to come. Locate a leather spiked collar on-line today and make Fido proud.

He means business so show him you mean business as well: give him the best in the way of a collar—give him a leather spiked collar that reflects his true protective nature.


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