Lice and Leeches On Fish

Let's talk about lice and leeches on fish.

You've heard of people getting lice, but did you know your pet fish could have them too? Fish can actually suffer from a lot of different parasites, illnesses, and disorders including lice and leeches. Proper care and tank maintenance are usually the best way to keep fish healthy, this article will discuss the signs and treatments of lice and leeches in fish.

First, it's important to know what lice and leeches are if you don't already. Fish lice attached themselves to fish and they can be hard to see because they can turn almost the same color as the fish. A fish with lice will usually try rubbing against different things in the fish tank. If you notice your fish doing this, it could be a sign of them trying to get the lice off. Leeches are a type of parasite that attach themselves to fish and feed on their blood.

You will have to remove lice and leeches from your fish or immediately purchase treatments that can kill the parasites without harming the fish. There are many different types of medications for different infections that a fish can get including parasitic infections. Talk to a vet or someone that works at your local pet store for help.

Fish that have lice, leeches, or any other type of parasites should be separated from other fish to stop the parasites from spreading to healthy fish. The infected fish should be put in its own tank where it can be treated until it is completely healthy. The other fish can remain in the usually tank, however, that tank will have to be thoroughly cleaned and the water may have to be treated to kill any microscopic parasites. Always keeping your fish tank clean is a good way to prevent parasites and other infections from harming your fish.

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