Litter Box Training Guinea Pigs and Hamsters

Let's discuss litter box training guinea pigs and hamsters. You've heard of cats being litter box trained, but did you know that your guinea pig or hamster could be litter box trained too? It's true, continue reading to find out how to train your pet.

Pets like guinea pigs and hamsters usually like doing their business in one spot, away from where they eat and sleep. Since they typically pick one spot to go in it makes it very possible for them to become litter box trained.

Since guinea pigs and hamsters are smaller than cats you need to get appropriate size litter boxes. Check your local pets stores because many pet stores have litter boxes specially made for guinea pigs or hamsters. You will also need the litter if the litter box doesn't come with any.

Look for the spot in your small pet's cage where they normally do their business. That is the spot where you should put their new litter box. You should also put some of their feces in the litter box so they understand what it's for. If you see your pet using the litter box you can give it a treat.

Not all guinea pigs and hamsters can be litter box trained, it depends on each individual. Some small pets will relieve themselves wherever, not just in one spot. These are the ones that probably won't use a litter box. If they don't use it, then you will just have to frequently clean their cage so it is clean and smell free.

Litter box training at a early age is also the best way to do it. If your purchase your guinea pig or hamster when they are very young and always have a litter box in the cage from day one then there is a good chance you can easily train them.

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