Looking for Unusual and Interesting Pets?

Looking for unusual and interesting pets? Most of your friends and family probably have cats or dogs. You may even have them too. Dogs, cats, and fish are great pets, but sometimes people are looking for a unique pet. If you want a pet that will really get people talking every time they come over your house, there are actually a lot of options. Depending on where you live that is. Some states so not allow exotic or wild animals to be pets. This article will offer information on a variety of unusual and interesting pets.

If you're looking for something that you can keep in a cage or aquariuminstead of having it wonder around the house you may want to consider an unusual pet such as a hedgehog, piranha, venomous reptile, chameleon, fiddler crabs, tarantulas, toads, frogs, and shrimp.

If you are more in farm-like animals you could get a potbellied pig or a house chicken. Basically, a house chicken is just a chicken that lives in your home, this can be slightly messy, but chickens are interesting. They do have likes and dislikes similar to that of other pets.

Do you ever wonder about having one of the animals you see in your yard as a pet? A lot of people actually end up with wild life as pets. This often happens if an animal is injured or ill and needs to be nursed back to health or if the animal is abandoned when young and taken in. In some states wild life can't be kept as pets. Wild animals, even if tame and living in captivity since a baby are still wild and can't be kept as pets by just anyone. Some wild animals that people have as pets include the following: skunks, squirrels, bears, wolves, deer, wild cats, etc.

Are none of those animals exciting enough for you? Well, there are people that actually have monkeys, chimps, tigers, and even hippos as pets.

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