Everything You Need To Know About Purchasing Luxury Pet Furniture!

This artile discusses all aspects you will want to consider when purchasing luxury pet furniture...how to keep your pet safe, happy and comfortable!

You don't have to be Paris Hilton to buy luxury furniture for your pet. However, you will have to spend a few dollars, that's for sure, but a luxurious bed or playpen does not need to cost its weight in gold. Here are a few tips to consider:

Watch For Safety
The best and safest luxury pet furniture are those that don’t need electricity to operate or those which can be powered with batteries.

Buy Luxury With Comfort In Mind
Get the kind of furniture that your pets will actually love and use. Some luxury pet furniture may look attractive to you, but if your pet doesn’t find it attractive or comfortable, he will ignore it. No amount of coaxing or bribing will get him to use it.

Watch Out For Small, Moving Parts
These can be a choking hazard, especially for smaller pets. Avoid luxury pet furniture that include fans, rotor blades and motors. They are not common, but they can be quite attractive to pets who can get hurt if they come in contact with them.

Buy Non-Toxic
Make sure the luxury pet furniture you buy does not emit gas or fumes that may be fatal to your pet. Your pet may like to lick or chew at the furniture, so you will want to ensure that all parts of the furniture are safe.

Consider Your Pet's Size and Fitness Level
Choose luxury pet furniture that is just right for your pet's special needs. If he's more active, choose something that will let him play and cavort. If he's a more laid-back fellow, just splurge on a nice, comfy bed. A cat condo that's too high for your little kitty to use will have to wait until after he's a little grown.

When Pets Chew, They Will Chew
All pets express their feelings differently, and their behavior can include chewing, biting and scratching. Expect your furniture to have personalized graffiti marks.

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Luxury Pet Furniture To Get For Your Pet
For medium-sized dogs, get them their own sofa beds. Easy-access beds are available in velvet, denim, plush and fluff and animal print designs with silk trimmings and quilted cotton. Get one in any color or design to fit your pet's personality. If you want a more rustic appeal, get a wicker sofa bed with a gingham stripes for a country-pet look.

Get futon beds for extra comfort for ailing pets or older dogs. Futons come with a thick, cushiony 3" orthopedic foam middle layer and the slipcovers are available in different materials. And who said regular rectangular beds are not luxurious? Buy in twos or threes for added comfort and choose faux suede for a softer, more comfortable feel.

And what about leather? A great choice for a sturdy, no-nonsense companion, leather beds are as luxurious as they are convenient. They're easy to clean and maintain and come in different shapes and colors.

For those hot summer months when your dog just wants to stay in the shade, get him a cooling bed. Ease his hot head (and body) with a bed that can bring down his temperature to a comfortable degree. This is also a great idea for dogs with thicker coats or those with a less efficient cooling capacity like boxers, bulldogs and pugs.

Design Dog Furniture

In order to keep your pet safe, choose a cooling bed that uses gel or water to cool and avoid those that use electricity.

For pampered cats who like to sleep together, get cushioned wooden steps that allow up to three cats to luxuriate in soft, plush fabric and still keep their companions close.

Spoil them with a little activity corner and get them durable cat climbers and scratching posts to vent their aggressions on.

How about a wooden toy box furniture to keep his precious toys in? Buy one in fine-sanded wood painted with toxic-free colors that can store and keep his beloved toys in one place. Next time he wants to play, no need to rummage around for his favorite Frisbee or chewable bones.

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