Making Man's Best Friend Happy

Let's talk about making man's best friend happy. Dogs can be a major part of a family. When a families' dog passes away it's common for them to be very upset, and many couple have dogs as their children. Dogs are amazing creatures, so why not show your dog just how much you care.

If you love your dog, food, water, and letting it outside isn't enough. A great dog deserves more. Stop making New Year's Resolutions and don't devote all your time to work. Spend more time with your family and that includes your dog. What exactly can you do for your dog to make it happy and healthier?

First, play with your dog more. Get it new toys and use those toys for a human and dog playtime. Through a ball or a Frisbee, play tug-war, run around the yard, wrestle, do whatever your dog likes to do. If you play with your dog you can see how happy it makes them.

A great way to keep your dog happy while helping it's healthy plus your own is going for walks. Going for a walk is a simple and great work out for you and now you don't have to do it alone. Plus, you have to walk your dog, so now you may be more motivated to go for walks. If your dog can keep up your can even jog.

You should also ,b>take your dog to the veterinarian. Nobody likes to go to the doctor, probably not even dogs, but it's important. Get your dog a check up even if they seem perfectly healthy. Getting updated on vaccinations can't hurt either. Checkup can help keep your furry best friend around longer.

If you never got around to puppy proofing your house, do it now. Your puppy may be a dog now, but dogs can get into trouble too. Lock up household cleaners because they can be poisonous and hide all electrical cords. Also, clean up your house often so your dog doesn't eat something that it shouldn't.

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