Nighttime Pooch Problems

Let's talk about nighttime pooch problems.

Many dog owners struggle with their dogs each and every night for the same problems to just keep repeating until everyone is sleep deprived. This article will discuss the most common nighttime problems that people experience with their canines and what you should do.

1. The Bed Hog

If you have a small breed, this may not be too much of an issue, but for many dog owners it is. Dogs love to sprawl out and move around a lot. Plus, many medium or large breed dogs don't realize how big they are. If your dog leaves you sleeping in weird and uncomfortable positions or if overnight you wake up falling off the bed and have to push with all your might to get some room then it is time for a change. This change may be a little difficult to implement and you may feel bad, but your dog needs to sleep on the floor. If your dog can't be happy sleep at the foot of the bed, then they need to sleep on their own bed or in a crate on the floor of your bedroom.

2. The Restless Canine

Your dog doesn't sleep with you, instead it wanders around the house. It barks or growls when the heater kicks on, when a car drives by, when there's a shadow on the wall, plus you can hear it going up and down the stairs and walking all around the house. This is a classic case of an energetic dog, not getting even exercise or playtime. Spend a little extra time playing with your dog each. Catch, Frisbee, wrestling, tug o' war, or whatever game your dog likes can take such little time and use up so much of their energy. You should also take your dog for either more walks or longer walks. Taking your dog for a walk can be fun and great exercise for both of you. Using up more energy means both of you will sleep better.

3. The Sad Separated Dog

You've stuck to your guns since day one and don't let your dog sleep in your room. The problem? Your dog just whines and cries all night. If you don't keep it in a crate or contained to a room, it will stand outside your door or next to your bed whining to cuddle with you. You've probably tried being nice, ignoring it, scolding it, all these do it leave you sleep deprived. You can give in and let your dog sleep with you or you can ask your veterinarian about how to treat separation anxiety.

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