Nipping and Biting, How To Stop It

Let's talk about nipping and biting, how to stop it.

1. Observe your dog and recognize why it bites.Are they protecting you? Are they defending food or a toy? Are they playing? Do they not like the way they are being touched? Is the biting a reaction to a certain family member, strangers, another pet, a noise, or is it playful behavior? Paying attention to when and why your dog bites may even reveal a surprise such as your child or another pet aggravating the dog and causing it to want to bite.

2. Give your dog toys. If your dog is playing or chewing on a toy it may be less likely to bite. Be careful if trying to take a toy away from a dog because it may try to protect its property by biting you.

3. If your dog bites you or any member of your family, you need to say "ouch! bad dog." Let the dog know that it hurt you, even if it didn't, and that it is bad behavior that will not be tolerated.

4. Begin to ignore your dog immediately after scolding it. Dogs crave attention and will not like being ignored. Make sure everyone in the household ignores the dog as well. The dog will realize if it bites it will get no attention.

5. Be consistent and persistent. As with all types of training a dog those are the key to success.

Every dog is different and depending on the age and breed it may take some dogs longer than other to stop biting. Don't give up because it is no fun having a dog that bites you. If another pet or a child is the cause of the biting problem, then you will have to train or teach them how to act in order to eliminate the issue.

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