No Bark Devices for Dogs

Looking for no bark devices for dogs?

You may have heard of it, but what are they and how do they work? Well, they are collars and remotes that are used as a way to stop your dog from barking and also to train it when inappropriate times to bark are. No bark devices aren't supposed to be a punishment for barking, they are a training system that are only used until your dog understands when it shouldn't bark.

There are different types of no bark devices, most do not cost too much. If you have a puppy try to train it not to bark yourself before trying a no bark device. Even then, a puppy should be over 6 months to use a no bark device on it.

So what are the different no bark devices?

1. Shock collar. It's exactly what it's name states. It's a collar that gives your dog a shock when they bark. This may sound harsh, but it's not meant to hurt the dog and it doesn't cause injuries. Shock collars give a static type shock that is more startling than painful. Shock collars can be controlled by a remote or automatically.

2. Spray collar. Once again it does what its name says it does. The collar detects barking and when it does it sprays citronella. The dog stops barking because it is distracted by the strange scent. The collar can be refilled and the spray will not stain your dog, your carpet or your furniture. This collar is a simple and effective way to train your noisy dog.

3. Ultrasonic remote. This type of remote sends out a tone that apparently only dogs can hear. This obviously requires you to be around to hear your dog barking and to press the button. The devices will only work from a certain distance away depending on what specific remote you have.

All of these no bark devices startle your dog and train them when they shouldn't bark.

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