No Spill Water Bowl A Must For All Pet Owners

This article is about the many benefits that dogs and dog owners can derive from a no spill water bowl, and why such an item can provide so much convenience and safety for our beloved pets.

Indeed, a no spill water bowl may seem like simple – and even superfluous – products bordering on obnoxiousness and inutility, but they can provide advantages that can make life so much easier for dogs and dog owners all over the world. Take a look at the following reasons that make anti-spill dog bowls fantastic investments for dog lovers.

1. A spill proof water bowl is primarily intended as a portable dog dish. The problem with conventional water bowls is that they are not designed to protect water when the base is in motion. Splashes occur and water is spilt on the surface whenever the base is moved, making a conventional pet bowl the wrong choice as portable dog dish. A splash proof pet bowl remedies the situation with its funnel-like interior where the base is much wider than the opening. The base is meant to cushion the water’s movement, allowing minimal to zero splashes in the opening.

2. A no spill water bowl is also a great solution to the problem of beard drippings. Bearded dogs like Collies, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, and certain Terrier types often dip their facial hair on water bowls. Not only will this result in a messy household – as bear drippings can cause a very wet floor – such a situation can also endanger our dog’s health, what with the unwanted particles that may stick to that area near their mouths. Anti-splash dog dishes have smaller openings, and some of them – like those sold by the leading brand Buddy Bowl – are customized for particular breeds of dogs to ensure that the opening won’t be too big nor too small for your canine companion. There shouldn’t be extra room for their beards to dip into.

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3. A no spill water bowl is also called a "no knock over" pet dish because dogs won’t be able to turn them over – even if they try! Many dog owners encounter a very big problem with overly playful dogs who begin to think that pet bowls are playthings. Dogs knock them over, spilling the food or water they contain, causing quite a mess in the process. A spill proof water bowl is sure to prevent this problem because the wider base will provide a foundation that would be impossible to knock over.

No splash pet dishes aren’t really costly investments. In fact, these items cost just a little more than conventional pet bowls. For the extra cash you’d spend on these products, you’ll get benefits that will truly make your adventures as a dog owner even more enjoyable.

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