Obesity in Ferrets and its Health Risks

Let's discuss obesity in ferrets and its health risks. When you think of ferrets you probably don't picture a chubby animal, however ferrets can suffer from obesity. This article will discuss the symptoms, causes, and treatments of obesity in ferrets.

As you probably know, obesity is when a person or animal is overweight or has excessive body fat. Obesity is actually a serious problem. It can cause various health problems in humans and ferrets. Unfortunately, obesity in ferrets is becoming more common.

How can you tell if your ferret is obese? Your veterinarian would be able to tell you. Most likely it will be quite noticeable though. The ferret will appear to be fat it may also seem lazy, not exercising or playing much. Obese ferrets often have weakness in their back legs.

If a ferret overeats, doesn't get enough exercise or a combination of these it is likely to become obese. To make sure your ferret isn't pregnant or suffering from a medical problem you may want to take it to the veterinarian. Your vet will be able to tell you if it is obesity and help you develop a weight loss plan for your ferret.

Make sure your ferret's cage is large enough to allow for physical activities. You should also allow your ferret to come out of its cage. Encourage playing and exercise. You should also limit the treats you give your ferret. Similar to people limiting the sugar and fat in their diets in order to keep off weight. You will need to make sure your ferret has a healthy and well-balanced diet. Don't over feed it or leave in your ferrets cage 24/7. These are ways to not only help your ferret lose weight, but these simple measures can also prevent a ferret from ever becoming overweight.

Obesity is a disease and your ferret needs your help to either treat or prevent it. 

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