Tips on buying organic pet shampoo and other natural pet products

In this article, learn how organic pet shampoo is similar and different from regular shampoo. Get advice on how to choose the right shampoo for your pet.

Happy cat, clean cat!

Pets can develop skin irritations and experience allergic reactions, just like you. The source, or the allergen, can be anything, but in most cases, it is usually one of the harmful, man-made chemicals used in pet products. If you want to ensure that you’re giving your pet the best care possible, as well as protecting the environment, start using organic dog shampoo.

Organic Pet Shampoos: Similarities and Differences with Other Products

Let’s talk about the similarities first.

Different Smells

If you're fighting pet urine smells, finding the right scent is important. Fortunately, organic shampoos, like its competitors, come in a range of scents. Even though the organic shampoo industry is small, you can still be sure that you’ll find an organic pet shampoo with just the perfect scent for your pet. Most scents of organic cat and dog shampoos are derived from the very ingredients used to make them. Beside citrus scents, your pet can also enjoy organic pet shampoos with scents of aloe vera, jasmine, coconut oil, and many others.

Different Prices and Sizes

There are affordable organic pet shampoos and there are branded and expensive organic shampoos. They also come in various sizes, from small sachets that are perfect for traveling to huge containers that could last the whole year long. The point is simple; you're not limited.

It Can Still Cause Allergic Reactions

Although this happens rarely, it’s still possible for your pet to experience allergic reactions when you use an organic pet shampoo on them. This doesn’t mean that the organic shampoo’s unsafe to use, but just maybe, one of the natural ingredients used to make the product is an allergen.

And the differences...


Most, if not all, research conducted in the past have proved that all-natural products have more beneficial – or less harmful – effects on your pet than artificial or man-made products. Hence, buying an organic pet shampoo for your pet is simply a responsible, caring decision on your part.


All organic dog shampoos are considered milder than its non-organic competitors. The same way human skin can be negatively affected by harsh soaps, an equally harsh shampoo can bring disaster to your pet’s shiny coat. Using a mild pet shampoo will allow you to bathe your pet as often as needed or desired!


This term is all the rage with dermatologists today. You’ll be glad to know that most organic pet shampoos are considered hypoallergenic as well, which makes them even safer to use.

No Animal-Originating Ingredients

Doesn’t using a pet shampoo that contains any ingredients from animals seem a bit cannibalistic to you? If you find yourself bothered with that, then you’ll be happy to know that organic pet shampoos don’t contain any such ingredient.

How to Choose the Best Organic Pet Shampoo

Schedule an Appointment with the Veterinarian

This is necessary if you don’t know about your pet’s possible sources of allergies. It will be good to know beforehand if your pet has an allergic reaction to any natural ingredient. That way, you’ll know which organic dog and cat shampoos to avoid.


If your pet is the picky type, it may be good to have the pet sniff the different scents used by organic dog shampoo companies then work out an understanding between you two. At the very least, choose the scent that won’t make your nose itch.


Does the organic pet shampoo come with accreditations from a recognized body, like the USDA Organic Food Standards? Although there may be nothing wrong with an unaccredited organic shampoo, why risk harming your pet when you can choose one that’s properly accredited?

Environmentally Friendly

Organic shampoos are always produced from environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Most products have such acknowledgements printed at the back.

Personal Safety

Organic dog shampoos are not only safe to use for your pet, but for you as well. Some pet products contain harmful chemicals that have a negative impact on the environment but also on the personal health of people commonly exposed to the chemical.

How to Use an Organic Pet Shampoo

Use an organic animal shampoo the way you would a normal one. Rinse or bathe your pet with warm water; use only cold water if necessary or your pet shows a desire for it. Use only a small amount to lather your pet’s fur or coat. Rinse well.

Organic pet shampoos available for you and your pet. Buy one now to keep your pet safe and sweet-smelling at all times. You'll be glad you did.

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