Parvovirus in Rats

Lets discuss about parvovirus in rats. If you have pet rats, you need to know what diseases they may be at risk of getting.This article will focus on parvovirus, what it is, and how to prevent it.

Parvovirus is an infectious viral disease in rats. It can be fatal, but luckily it isn't common. Symptoms of parvovirus in rats include vomiting and bloody diarrhea. If a pregnant female rat has parvovirus she may have a small litter, deliver underdeveloped and weak newborns, or deliver stillborn babies. Parvovirus can also cause a female rat to become infertile. In infected male rats, hemorrhaging can occur. Parvovirus is a serious infection is causing the death of brain cells in rats.

Parvovirus is rare, but if your pet rat does get the disease, there is no cure. A veterinarian can diagnose the disease and offer you care options that can help your rat. Giving a rat extra fluids and electrolytes can help them recover, but there are no guarantees. A rat with parvovirus will probably require a lot of special care if it is to recover. Some rats recover from this infection while others lose their lives.

If you have multiple rats, separate infected ones from healthy ones. Parvovirus is contagious and can spread to all of your rats. Keeping rats separated all the time, may also be a good way to prevent parvovirus.

The best thing a rat owner can do is try to prevent parvovirus and other infections. This can be done by always keeping a rat's environment clean. The virus can be caused by dirty and contaminated bedding in a rat's cage, lack of regular cage cleaning, from contact with an infected rat or the urine of an infected rat. Regular cleanings can really help avoid a pet from contracted many different types of infections and illnesses.

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