Perfect Toys for Guinea Pigs

Let's talk about the perfect toys for guinea pigs. Does your guinea pig seem bored, but you're not sure what to do? Well, give it a toy. Guinea pigs like most animals, love to play. You can go to almost any pet store to purchase toys for your pet, or make toys by simply giving it things that are sitting around your house.

Guinea pigs generally love toys like tents, tunnels, and igloos. These things can provide your pet with a little privacy, or quiet, but they also function are entertainment. They allow guinea pigs to hide and borrow, which they love to do. You can create your own form of guinea pig tents, by giving your pet a small cardboard box or towels. A toilet paper or paper towel tube can be used as an inexpensive tunnel. When you're done with your next roll, be sure to give the tube to your guinea pig instead of throwing it in the trash.

There are also activity logs on the market for guinea pigs. Check to make sure that you are buying one that is completely non-toxic since your pet may chew on it. If your guinea pigs chews on its activity log a little too much you can get it an edible one. They are made from honey and alfalfa.

If your guinea pig can't get enough of hiding, but you don't want to pay for tents and tunnels try giving it a paper bag. This will work as an inexpensive tent. When it gets dirty you can just throw it away instead of spending time cleaning it. It's a great time and money saver.

Besides hiding and burrowing your guinea pig would probably love to drag, roll, and look at toys as well. Most of these toys are inexpensive or are already sitting around your home. Try giving your pet crumpled up newspaper, mirrors, wooden blocks, tennis balls, tissues, and cat toys with bells.

Guinea pigs are great pets and now you can give them very cheap items that will give them hours of fun.

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