Personalized Leather Dog Collars

Make your dog identifyable with personalized leather dog collars. These great products will make your dog stand out and provide the strength needed for walks.

The dog owner who wishes to more aptly identify his or her canine in case it becomes lost or runs away will find a great deal of assortment with respect to personalized leather dog collars.

The following article addresses some of your choices. Personalized leather dog collars come in an assortment of sizes and personalized in different ways.

One way is where a plate is incorporated into the collar indicating the dog’s name and phone number in case your dog becomes lost and can’t find his or her way home.

The personalized plate is in lieu of the traditional tags. The sturdy leather offers life-long durability and the collar comes in at a relative affordable price-point considering it may be worn for life.

The collar described generally costs around twenty-five dollars. Another personalized suggestion in way of the leather dog collar is one where the name of your dog is engraved into the leather.

There are three selections with respect to this application including one where the name is the same color as the leather collar;

another where the name is engraved in its natural state and not part of the dye; and lastly where the engraved name is painted a complimentary color.

In example, with respect to the latter, the dog’s name may be painted pink on a gray leather collar.

The latter suggestion with regard to a personalized collar is a more fashionable approach. However that said, if your dog ever does become lost, person’s advertising they’ve found him or her can mention your dog’s name in the ad and the name emblazoned within the leather band.

In conclusion to this the collar is not only stylish it also serves a utilitarian purpose.

Also from a practical standpoint, high-grade leather can last for life. It is highly durable and can become softer with age adding to the dog’s comfort.

The last collar mentioned is a bit pricier than the first and the true price is determined by the neck measurement of the dog.

In this light, the dog collar comes in between the price points of $38. and $48. Still, keep in mind your dog will more than likely be wearing the collar for life. It certainly isn’t too much to ask when considering the safety and security of your dog.


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