Pet Electrocutions

Let's talk about pet electrocutions. We all have houses full of appliances, such as computers, and if you have pets you need to be cautious. If your pet chews on an electrical cord it can cause serious injuries. This article will discuss pet electrocutions such as symptoms and treatments.

Most likely you have trained your pet to not chew on cords, however if you have a puppy or kitten they are likely to try to chew on cords. They are curious, don't know any better, and usually have the urge to chew on thing.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, all pets that are lose in your home and can get to cords are at risk. If a pet chews on an electrical cord they can end up with pulmonary hypertension or pulmonary edema. They can also get burned.

You many not catch your pet chewing on an electrical cord, but you should still be able to notice that they have been injured. Symptoms of injuries related to chewing on electrical cords include difficulty breathing, coughing, seizures, rapid heart rate, and tremors. You will probably also notice that their mouth or fur around their mouth is burned.

If you notice any of these signs that your pet has been electrocuted you should immediately take them to a veterinarian. Your veterinarian will examine your pet and maybe run some tests. A veterinarian can provide medication to help treat the carious things that can occur because of an electrocution.

If you see your pet get electrocuted, try to stay calm. You will want to turn off the electricity before trying to touch your pet and move them. If your pet is not conscious, you will need to do pet CPR. This can come in handy in various situations so it's good to know how to do. As previously mentioned pets should then be taken for treatment immediately.

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