Pet Hurricane Safety

Let's talk about pet hurricane safety. Nobody wants to be stuck in a hurricane, but in some places people often experience hurricane warnings. If you live in one of these places and have a cat or dog, then you should definitely read this article. The following safety tips can help make things easier when dealing with a hurricane or some other type of natural disaster.

The first thing you need to do is formulate a plan. You should always have a plan as to how to escape your house in case of a fire or what you will do if there is a hurricane. Will you evacuate? Is there a place in your house where you would be the most safe during a hurricane? Part of having a plan should also involve preparing an emergency kit. An emergency kit should be a lot more than just a first aid kit. An emergency kit should actually contain a first aid kit as well as a supply of food and water for both you and your pet, blankets, flash lights, collar and leash, pet carrier, photograph of pet, your medical records in a waterproof container, and anything else that you think you could need.

Don't change your plan. Sticking to your plan helps prevent panicking and mistakes. In the middle of a potentially fatal situation, a plan can help you to think clearly. If you are panicking you may not know what to do, so have a plan ahead of time and stick to it. Try not to panic during an emergency. If you panic your pet will most likely panic as well. Pets can sense more than you may know.

Before your pet every gets lost or before an emergency ever occurs you should consider having a microchip put in your pet. This may sound strange, but it can be very helpful when you get separated from your pet. It gives you a much easier way to locate your lost pet.

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