Find the perfect pet sitter and pet sitting services

Pet sitting services are great for people who travel. Instead of taking your dog or cat to a kennel, you can have a professional come to your home.

If your pet needs to remain in a familiar environment while you are away, pet sitting is the way to go. This is especially true if it isn’t possible to get the help of a friend or relative. As you know, you can’t always ask a neighbor for assistance. You don’t want to impose.

There are several good reasons to consider pet sitting services. Your pet will:

  • remain in a secure, familiar environment
  • follow a regular routine day to day
  • eat the same food and follow the same diet
  • avoid exposure to illness from other animals
  • avoid the stress caused by other animals
  • receive individual attention

It is important to have confidence in your pet sitter. You should be looking for a confident, reliable, and responsible service provider. If you aren’t comfortable, your pet won’t be comfortable. That could spell trouble.

Ask for an interview with the sitting service or pet sitter. Get a personal introduction. Be sure to talk about your pet’s personality. That definitely matters. Be sure to introduce your pet to the sitter and look for a rapport. The temperament of your dog or cat might not match the sitter. Pay attention.

Here are some other interview suggestions:

  • discuss meal times, food, and eating routines
  • talk about medications and medical conditions
  • discuss rewards and punishments
  • find out if they offer pet walking (dog walking)
  • agree on how to handle the litter box or excrement

You should definitely ask for references. Call two or three current customers and get information on the service and the sitter.

Ask if they offer special services, such as providing a daily log. We definitely recommend this. Documentation is important.

Really good pet sitting services go above and beyond the call of duty. For example, some services also water plants, take care of the mail, handle the newspaper, and adjust the drapes and lights. Great pet sitters take care of your home.

We highly recommend that you take care of everything ahead of time. Find a good pet sitting service when you are not in a rush. Try it out and make sure it works for you. Check those references. Also, be sure to provide the sitter with a lot of notification before you travel.

Pet sitting and boarding is important to the comfort of you dog or cat. Sometimes these services are very expensive but other times they are reasonable. Prices vary widely from city to city and from sitter to sitter. You’ll have to shop around. That’s just one more reason to do your homework ahead of time. Happy trails!

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