Pets and Cold Weather Fat

Let's talk about pets and cold weather fat. Obesity is something that has become a big deal. Many people struggle to remain at a steady body weight and it can be hard for everyone to keep off extra pounds during the winter time. Your pet may also be gaining weight too. Your cat or dog won't really notice their weight gain and diet, it is your job to prevent the weight gain or help your pet lose the weight.

The best way to keep your dog from gaining weight or helping your dog to lose weight after it gained it is to play. Play with your dog inside if it's too cold outside. Be careful and don't get too rowdy and break anything. However, you can wrestle, and do little tug o war with toys, etc. If you and your dog get lazy during winter and just lay on the couch under blankets it's not helping either of you lose weight.

Stay active even though its winter. Invest in warm boots, a coat, hat, gloves, scarf, etc. If you are warm wearing all of this stuff you can still go outside and be active. If it snows, don't dread shoveling, use it as your exercise routine for the day. Run around in the snow with your dog or go for a walk around the block and take in the pretty scenery covered in fresh snow.

If your dog is small or doesn't have very think fur, you can buy them a doggy sweater or coat so they can stay active as well. Dogs have to go outside to go to the bathroom, make sure they're warm and take them for a walk.

If you know that your dog always seems to gain weight during the winter, then you can ,b>cut back on its portions. Give your dog fewer treats and less food until the weather warms up and your dog becomes more active and hungry again.

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