Popular Small Breed Dogs

Let's discuss popular small breed dogs. Small dogs are very popular. Some small breed dogs can be carried around with you wherever you go, other are just so adorable and cuddly, or maybe you live in an apartment and can't have a large breed. Whatever the reason, there is a small breed that is perfect for you. This article will discuss the most popular of the small breeds.

Chihuahuas aren't the best choice for someone with small children, but they are a great dog. They are affectionate and loyal. Many people love their Chihuahuas.

The Pekingese is a loyal dog. They are small, but are watchdogs that can be quite ferocious if they need to be. They are great dogs, but may not be the best if you have small children or other pets. The Dachshund also makes a good watchdog. They can be aggressive towards strangers, but do make great pets even for families.

The Bichon Frise is an adorable white fluffy dog. They are active and great for a family with kids or other pets. Jack Russell Terriers are also an active breed. They love to play, jump, and aren't always quiet. They are a happy breed that can be trained to be active in the appropriate ways.

The Shih Tzu is also a breed that gets along well with kids and other animals. This breed requires grooming, but the plus is they don't shed. Another small breed dog that doesn't shed much is the Maltese. A Maltese will be a great companion and won't mind if you have cats or other dogs.

If you don't want a dog that requires grooming, then you may want to get a Boston Terrier. This breed is kid-friendly. They are known for chewing on things that they shouldn't, so you will have to help them to break that habit.

One of the most popular of small breeds is the Pomeranian. They can sometimes be a little noisy, but they are gentle and loving dogs. If they are introduced to children as a puppy then they are kid-friendly, but some are not. Be aware that this fluffy breed does shed.

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