Preparing For a New Puppy

Let's talk about preparing for a new puppy.

You've decided to bring a puppy into your family. You spend a lot of time deciding on a breed and looking at various pet stores, shelters, etc. Now, you are about to go pick up your new best friend and show them their new home for the first time. This is such a fun and exciting time. This article will discuss the simple things to do before you let your new puppy loose in your home.

Once you know you're going to be getting a puppy you may want to start habits like closing doors, putting things away, not leaving out food laundry, or kid's toys. These are things you should do once you get your puppy, but getting into the habit before puppy even comes home can greatly help.

You have a room you don't want puppy in, you aren't used to closing doors so your forget and leave the door open. This can result in accidents on your carpet, furniture chewed on, and other damage. Puppies don't mean to be so destructive, but they can't help it. Puppies are full of energy, have new teeth that give them the urge to chew, and they are used to rough housing with their brothers and sisters. Getting into habits beforehand can save you a big headache.

You will also have to make sure you move or constantly clean things up that you don't want your puppy to chew on. Anything valuable or sentimental should probably be moved to off limit rooms where the doors will remain closed. You can also put these types of things upstairs and put a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs to keep puppy downstairs. This is up to you.

Be sure all electrical cords are out of reach. Make sure your puppy can't get into any garbage cans, and that there isn't laundry, toilet paper or anything that they can reach and chew on. Also, if you have children, keep their toys away from puppy toys and make sure your puppy doesn't get them confused.

Before your bring puppy home make sure you have a comfortable bed, water bowl, food dish, collar, leash, plenty of toys, and of course food. You can choose a healthy organic food for your puppy, but at first you will have to feed them whatever they've been getting fed or they may get diarrhea. Slowly mix the foods until they are only eating the food you have chosen.

Once you bring puppy home, spend lots of time playing and training him.

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