Preventing MBD in Reptiles

Let's talk about preventing MBD in reptiles.

MBD or Metabolic bone disease is a common disease that many reptiles get. It is serious and can lead to death. This article will discuss what causes MBD and how a reptile owner can prevent their pet from getting it.

There are a few different things that can cause MBD. It can also be caused by a combination of these things. The first cause is calcium deficiency which is from a calcium metabolism disruption. A vitamin D deficiency can also be blamed as well as too much phosphorus. Vitamin D deficiencies reptiles can usually be blamed on lack of exposure to UVB and UVA which help a reptile's body produce vitamin D.

Most of these things that cause MBD are things a reptile can't change, their owner is responsible for them. If you have a pet reptile, you need to make sure their diet has the appropriate amount of vital proteins and minerals. A poor diet and prevent the absorption of calcium, too much phosphorus is also diet related.

So how can you prevent your reptile from developing MBD? It's really not too hard. First, improve your pet's diet. There are calcium and vitamin supplements available for reptiles. You can change your reptile's diet to include foods that naturally have the right balance of calcium and phosphorus or you can at least give them supplements with their current diet.

The next step in preventing MBD is making sure your pet has the right lighting. Reptiles need light. It is true that natural sunlight is the best for them however, if you stick their terrarium in direct sunlight they can get overheated. Also, you need to keep in mind that most glass and plastics block the sunlight that reptiles need. Therefore, make sure you buy a UVB or a full-spectrum light for your reptile. As much as reptiles need light they also need the natural variation of light and dark.

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