Properly Cleaning Up Your Cat's Accidents

Let's discuss properly cleaning up your cat's accidents. With pets come accidents and cleaning. If you have a cat you know how awful their urine smells and how hard it is to eliminate the odor. You scrub and scrub and use all kinds of products, but the odor doesn't go away 100%. After reading this article you will have a better understanding of how to properly clean up your cat's accidents so that you aren't left with any odor in your home.

The biggest problem with cats urinating in the house is that if you clean the area, but it still has a little odor or cat urine, your cat will smell it and keep urinating there. The more it urinates there the harder it is for you to get rid of the odor. It's a vicious cycle that you are probably sick of. So, what can you do?

The first mistake that many people make when cleaning up any type of pet accident or spill is rubbing it in. You must absorb the spill first. Use a sponge or paper towels to soak up the urine first. This is especially true for carpet. You do not want to rub the urine deeper into your carpet. After getting rid of most of the urine, then apply a cleaning product to disinfect and help eliminate smell.

What products should you use? You can purchase products made especially for pet messes or you can make your own products by mixing ones you already have. Don't just mix chemicals. Mix things like soap, baking soda, vinegar.

One example of this is pouring white vinegar mixed with water onto the area where you cleaned up the urine. Leave the area alone until it dries. Then, put some baking soda onto the affected area and rub a mix of hydrogen peroxide with a little dish soap or detergent onto the area.

Talk to other cat owners or your veterinarians for some other cleaning tips.

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